Fellow prepsters of the world,

Hi! My name is Liz Keenan. I’m the Gingham Queen. My Bible is Vogue and my god is Lauren Conrad.

I am a senior at Santa Clara University, trying to figure out my future. For now, I’m finishing up my degree in English, with a minor in Studio Art. I have a really fun life.

I ride horses, sail, paint, read, dabble in photography, and am addicted to Pinterest. I check Instagram more than my email. J.Crew is my Tiffany’s (that’s a Breakfast at reference if you didn’t catch it).

Now that you know a bit about me, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m here. Right? Logical first question for someone stumbling upon the millionth lifestyle blog of the internet to ask. Well I have an answer! I’m taking a class and my professor is making me blog. Jerk. Hi Malone (he will be reading these).

My greater purpose on this bloggy platform is to spread my sarcasm, spew my opinions about fashion, show off some of my mediocre photography skills, and occasionally force you to relive my adventures. I like too many things to pick just one, so get ready to live the life of Liz, the Gingham Queen.

Ps- alternate blog title was going to be the Sunscreen Fairy, my high school swim team nickname. Skin cancer is real, y’all.


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