Instagram Aesthetic

I am all about aesthetic. I love Instagram themes (although I’m not great at keeping up with mine). I firmly believe you need a personal brand to be a successful millennial. I tend to be friends with people who don’t dress for practicality, but for the sake of looking portrait-ready at all moments of the day. I crave this unity, the willpower and free time to curate a collection of garments and photographs and hairstyles that make you sellable.

I, unfortunately, live vicariously through my favorite bloggers. These beautiful people are famous because they are a brand, and my god I wish I had the time.


Take Liza Koshy. She’s a YouTube star, friend of Obama, and most importantly, has mastered the art of Instagram aesthetic. Her pictures are grey and black at the moment, all soft and deliciously wintery, evoking thoughts of snow even if she’s in a t-shirt. She fades her pictures into different colors, depending on the season. I don’t even like her YouTube videos very much, but I spend much longer than I care to admit scrolling through her Insta.


Or the College Prepster, aka Carly Heitlinger. This marketing genius has branded herself as a Kate Spade poster child, manicured to perfection in every photo. She uses bright colors, varying them between seasons but always focusing on preppy perfection. Her outfits are always perfect, and she keeps a careful variety of pictures of herself, her dogs, still life pictures, and group pictures. They are all lovely and vibrant and ugh.


My best friend, Breanne, is also a master of the Insta aesthetic. She is a model, so she always has beautiful pictures of herself and friends on her feed. She taught me the trick of alternating between close-ups of yourself, group pictures, and wider framed landscapes (featuring yourself, of course). It keeps the fans interested.

The art of Instagram aesthetic is something I probably won’t ever master, but Step One is admitting you have a problem, right? All I have to do now to get #instafamous is work on my theme and my paranoia when it comes to strangers following me on the Internet.


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