Mona Kuhn and Shades of Pink

Go look at Julia Engel’s Instagram account and tell me you don’t find it pleasant to look at. For some reason, pinks and beiges are just really appealing to the eye. Maybe it’s because skin tones are nice and soft colors soothe us, or maybe it’s because the desert is where people go to heal, but whatever it is, I’m all aboard the Blush Express.

Lately, my obsession with photography and colors has pushed me in the direction of Mona Kuhn. She’s a photographer from Brazil who now lives in San Francisco. She takes photographs of women, primarily nude, in the desert. They are simple and clean, but speak volumes. Hushed hues provoke a sense of calm and serenity, while comfortable postures and neat lighting make you think about the human body and our relationship with nature.





I’ve been obsessed with these colors and the desert for a while. I recently turned 22, and almost every single gift I received was some shade of blush. My birthday haul is below, featuring such prizes as a Kate Spade agenda, Kate Spade purse, GoPro, J.Crew flats, and more!

Anthropologie blouse

Kate Spade earrings

Kate Spade purse

J.Crew flats

Kate Spade bracelet

Kate Spade planner



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