Disney Pics Tips

Taking frameable photographs of your vacations is hard. Lucky for you, Disneyland is naturally photogenic and your new iPhone 7 has a really dope camera! More on that later. For now, I’m here to tell you that if you happen to be a Disney addict like myself, you will not have too much trouble documenting your magical vacation if you follow some basic guidelines for photographing the happiest place on earth.

  1. Shoot in square mode if you are an Instagrammer. It saves you the step of cropping the image later, and makes sure you capture everything you wanted to in the frame

    My wonderful mother took this with a flash and in square mode! What a pro.
  2. Use the flash during the day. It’s often pretty dang sunny in Anaheim and Orlando, and the flash can be used to neutralize strong shadows on your face.
  3. Take advantage of the photographers. They will take your picture with their big fancy camera and charge you tons of money to buy it, but they will also gladly take pictures of you with your cell phone. These will likely turn out a lot better than the blurry ones that nice elderly couple took of you near Splash Mountain.

    See, this is what you don’t want- crappy, shadowy pictures of you and your family looking like a mess.
  4. Look up. A lot of the time, the really interesting shots that are more artistic and less cliche are above eye level. Don’t be afraid to get artsy! The whole park is a big museum of incredible attention to detail, and you can find beauty in just about every inch of it.

    Aztec temple in the Mexico section of Epcot.
  5. Take a lot of them. Disney is pretty great. Not every picture you take will be, but they will help you keep the magic alive for as long as possible. That being said, don’t forget to look around and absorb the scenery. This holds true for every vacation, or even every day life: be present in the moment. It’s important to soak in as much as you can about the world in your mind, and taking pictures is just a way to supplement that mental image of your amazing vacation. IMG_5464IMG_5521IMG_5467IMG_5539

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