The Park Anywhere Button

In case you didn’t know, your car comes with an amazing feature built in at no additional cost to you.

Many people know this feature as the “emergency” or “hazards lights,” but I like to call it the Park Anywhere button.

You see, this magical button lets you stop wherever you want. You can pull over in places that aren’t necessarily parking spots and hang out there for a while. Sometimes cops will get grumpy, but you can claim a brief emergency and then be on your way. It gives you a chance to hop out of your car, grab your Canon from the back seat, and snap some pics of that herd of sheep grazing among California poppies, that sunset over the city skyline, that surfer skimming across the water.

Sometimes you drive past opportunities that are hard to miss but you are forced to because of the law. The Park Anywhere button is a way around the rules. It gives you a chance to capture something extraordinary, instead of trying to take a blurry snap for the sake of a memory through the windshielf of your dirty car.

I’m not a professional photographer, but I do have advice for anyone with a camera or smart phone: use the Park Anywhere button. Be two minutes late for that appointment. Annoy your road trip partners. Don’t miss that award-winning shot because of laws or other people’s comfort. Take the shot.


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