Creativity Boost Ideas

I have been posting a lot about how to get your creative juices flowing, but since I have a problem with this all the time, I’ve come across a lot of methods for boosting creativity. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut where I have no new ideas, which is so unhealthy and makes me spiral down a whirlpool of negativity. Here’s some of the methods I use to combat this.

  • Go for a run. It has a ridiculous number of benefits, one of which is increasing happiness.
  • Start a Pinterest Board for inspiration. Look through the millions of pins on that fantastic app, save the stuff that makes you happy, and revisit it whenever you are feeling a little down about your creative ability.
  • Volunteer somewhere. Talking to and helping others gives you a whole new perspective on the world, and making a difference can seriously boost your confidence!
  • Read. Reading is an easy way to travel the world, learn new things, and leave behind the negativity. It can also spark ideas that will get you back out there, practicing your art.
  • Meditate. I’ve been practicing Buddhism for a while now, and it’s been really helpful for clearing my head and calming my body. Emptying your mind and focusing on breathing opens you up to a world of possibility.
  • Try some other art form. If you are stuck in photography, try painting! Take a pottery class, knit a scarf, arrange some flowers, decorate a cake, or just grab a coloring book and channel your inner six year old.
  • Do nothing. This is a mean trick, but sometimes it works. If you force yourself to sit in a chair and do literally nothing, your brain will be whirling, trying to fight boredom. You will sit there and think of everything you could be doing instead, everything you’ve done this week, all the things you wanted to get done, that one trip you wanted to take, and soon you’ll start coming up with ideas for your art form. Maybe I’m just crazy, but nothing is more inspiring than twenty minutes of utter boredom. I usually come up with my best ideas during boring classes or (sorry God) church.

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