Get Low

Everyone loves an up-close image of something beautiful, like a flower. The macro setting on your camera is your best friend for this, but if you want to do it the old fashioned way, here’s how.

You have to get low. It makes a huge difference. Here’s a quick comparison of a flower shot from two very different distances. Zoom can only do so much; it helps a lot to be as close to the subject as possible.

Most of photography is squatting awkwardly in the dirt, contorting your back into uncomfortable positions, straining your neck and developing foot cramps in order to get that shot. I had to lay down on a bridge and scoot myself under the bottom railing to get the shot on the right. It was uncomfortable, embarrassing, and worth it, because I am a big fan of the dew drop detail I managed to capture.

fullsizeoutput_1937fullsizeoutput_16a0fullsizeoutput_1936Taking photographs from the natural standing position, focusing straight ahead, is a sure-fire way to stay boring. Get low. Climb a tree. Acquire some grass stains. Let children laugh at you. Push yourself to do some weird stuff, but know that it will more than likely not ruin your life and very possibly be worth the struggle.



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