Painting and Photography

I took a painting class while taking photography this quarter. I can’t recommend doing this because it was stressful and exhausting. However, it did make me realize how many images I take that aren’t good at all. I started thinking about photography differently because of painting. It’s very helpful to take a step back and think about color combinations, framing, and whether or not I would want to paint this image.

We spent a lot of time painting based on images we took or found on the internet, so the connection between an image and a canvas is locked into my brain now. Before I shoot, I look at complexity, visual interest, angles, shadows, and the subject itself. Is it beautiful? Is it worth shooting? Will it make me happy?

Sometimes it helps to study a discipline different from your own. You gain a new perspective on the world and learn what it means to be an artist. It makes you better and different and much more interesting to talk to.


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