Photo Books

When I was a kid, I was super into scrapbooking. I loved arranging pictures and stickers, adding glitter and captions to preserve all of my childhood memories. I spent hours carefully placing double-sided tape on the backs of photographs, thinking up clever phrases to spell out with stickers, trimming ribbon to perfectly line up on the edges of the page.

In this magical world of technology, websites will do all that for you. It takes as much time as you want to spend, isn’t particularly expensive, and saves you from the horror of getting glitter glue in your hair.

My favorite website for making photo books is Shutterfly. It’s super easy, and they have a lot of sales and promotions throughout the year. It’s also one of the cheaper ones, but you can fully customize your book, and get matching mugs, holiday cards, calendars, or whatever fun accessories you want.

I recenly discovered Blurb, a more professional online photo book site. It lays out your images for you, and makes it easy to publish and sell the book online. You can set your price for the book, so you control how much you make on it. You can even export a whole album directly from Lightroom to a Blurb book. It’s a little pricier than Shutterfly, but the selling feature makes it worth it.

Finally, Costco has a really simple photo book service that is fast and functional. The leather bound ones are perfect for giving to family and friends for birthdays or holidays.


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