Word Bank Challenge

My photography professor gave us this challenge, and it would be downright rude not to share it with y’all. It pushed me to shoot things that I normally wouldn’t, and it was genuinely fun to do!

So basically, you come up with a bunch of adjectives, pick three, and go shoot them. We went around the classroom and each came up with two, then everyone picked three from the list we came up with. Here’s a list if you don’t feel like googling examples of adjectives:

harmonious   colorful   yellow   melancholy   silly   peaceful   thoughtful   serene   bright natural   brave   clean   faithful   geniune   plain   tender   fierce   fresh    mysterious   blue   clear   wooden   big   hollow   scary   chaotic   melodious   gentle   red   long   

You take these words and interpret them however you want. Tender can be a parent with their child, a plant just beginning to grow, or a steak cooked to perfection. Serene can be a sunset, an emotion on someone’s face, or a swallow’s nest under a busy overpass. Fresh can be fruit, new paint, or dew drops on a car in the morning. There are so many possibilities, but once you pick your words, you find yourself looking for them everywhere. You invent ways to shoot your words, seek them in everyday life, remember places that remind you of them. It’s a fascinating tool, and pushes you to think creatively and come out of your comfort zone. Give it a try! It might change the way you approach photography.

Also, the word I chose before shooting the sailboat image was “chaotic.” Those of you who sail will understand.


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